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Graduation 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are pleased to invite you to the GRADUATION CEREMONY of the I and II Degree Studies and the uniform Masterss degree programme at Lazarski University.
Graduation is our common, unique celebration - it's a wonderful atmosphere, great guests, commemorative photo sessions, speeches and awarding distinctions to the most talented Graduates.

The ceremony will take place in the University courtyard on Friday, July 15th, 2022, at 4:00 PM. It will also be broadcast online.

Please follow the e-mail correspondence and news on the website
We will be sending you a detailed Graduate Promotion Programme, up-to-date participation guidelines and a campus map during the event shortly.
Please send any questions regarding the Graduate Promotion to the following address:


4:00 PM - Introducing the banner, welcoming this year's graduates and invited guests  
4:05 PM - Gaudeamus Igitur (performed by Katarzyna Ignatowicz) 
4:10 PM - Speech by prof. dr. hab. Maciej Rogalski, rector of the Lazarski University 
4:25 PM - Speeches by representatives of this year's graduates
4:35 PM - Speech the Graduate of Success 
4:40 PM - Ceremonial reading of the recipients of Rector's Diploma of Recognition and diplomas for activity for Lazarski University 
5:00 PM - Motivational speech by Tomasz Palak - attorney-at-law, speaker, author of articles and lecturer
5:15 PM - Time for commemorative photos, refreshments, a glass of wine and receipt of diplomas 
6:30 PM - The end of the celebration